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You may or may not know that Ron is responsible for the design, sculpting and production on  many of the Medallions used by UAMS College of Medicine, The Chancellor’s Office and the Arkansas Children’s Hospital Foundation.

These elegant medals are used to symbolize the endowment of professorial chairs and other very special contributions. Ron designed the first Medallion for UAMS in 1979 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of UAMS. Since that first medal, over 30 chairs have been graciously endowed. The chair holders are invested at a special Investiture Ceremony where they are presented with their medallion.


Hip replacement proceeding

The Bailey Law Firm requested assistance from Axis Arts to illustrate a medical malpractice case*. An animated sequence of a total hip prosthesis was used to illustrate how the choice of unmatched femoral components were surgically implanted and resulted in wear and metal filing of the femoral trunnion.

View the animation.
*Results of the case proceedings are under orders of confidentiality.


Runaway 18 Wheeler

In Federal Court at Little Rock, Defendants James Construction Company (represented by Elton A. Rieves, IV, and Huckabay, Munson, Rowlett & Tilley) & Roadway Express (represented by Jack W. Strauch) lost the case filed against them by Rosa Lopez and the estate of Isidro Lopez.  The jurors apportioned the Defendants with 40% and 60% responsibility to pay their $3.5 million judgment to the Lopez family. Axis Arts supported Mr. Ted Boswell and Mr. Clark Brewster of  the Boswell Law Firm in Bryant, AR with  a digital media presentation, mounted poster enlargements and life-size medical illustrations of the multiple traumas sustained by their client as a result of the accident. The case is now under appeal.


1999 Ski Accident Case Settled

Ski accident attorney James H. Chalat and Russell Hatten of Chalat Hatten Law Firm in Denver, CO., represented Robert M. Cearley, Jr. who was seriously injured in a skiing accident December of 2001.  An outstanding Little Rock trial lawyer, Cearley got to see his profession function directly from the plaintiff’s point of view in Cearley v Hudgens.  Mr. Cearley suffered a severely comminuted fracture of his proximal femur when he was over run from behind by another skier.   A full three years post accident and after multiple corrective surgeries and a variety of different surgical implants, the case settled for an undisclosed sum just one work day before the scheduled trial date in Denver. Axis Arts provided a series of detailed medical illustrations created from Mr. Cearley’s operative reports and radiologic images. Mr. Chalet of Denver commented that the illustrations were the best he had ever seen.  (Jeff Wittebort of Walberg, Dagner & Tucker, P.C., and Brett Godfrey of Godfrey & Lapuyade, P.C. represented the defense.)

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