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Axis Arts Medico Legal Illustration Services

“Ron Tribell is a creative genius. He always comes up with unique solutions to complex challenges and he is a very talented artist.”

Ossama Al-Mefty, M.D.
Skull Base Neurosurgeon
Professor and Chairman, UAMS
Department of Neurosurgery
Little Rock, Arkansas

"You are the best medical artist I have ever worked with. Others have given me problems when I wanted to make changes in the drawings they were doing for me. You have always been eager to satisfy my requests and you never complain about changes. Your work is great.”

Ugur Ture, M.D.
Istanbul, Turkey

“The color figures and the text are both extraordinary and will add significantly to the textbook.”

Curtis A. Dickman, M.D.
Neurosurgeon and Editor,
Thoracoscopic Spine Surgery

“I saw your wonderful illustrations that were published in The Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine. I am convinced that you are the leader of the artists in the field of neurosurgery all over the world.”

Takehito Ueyama, M.D.
Kobe University School of Medicine
Kobe, Japan

"This is a beautifully illustrated paper.” “The beautifully drawn illustrations are important.” “Possibility we could use Figure 3 as a cover illustration.”

Peer reviewers’ comments on illustrations for a manuscript submitted to The Journal of Neurosurgery

“Without question, Axis Arts’ illustrations and animations are an important tool in our successful litigation techniques, which have resulted in millions of dollars for our clients.”

Bobby McDaniel of McDaniel and Wells, re nursing home negligence case Long vs Monette Manor

“The jury clearly understood the magnitude of our client’s injuries when they viewed Ron’s work, which was a great help in our being awarded 30.1 million dollars.”

Mike Easley of Easley Hicky and Hudson, re Barber vs Union Pacific Railroad

“When I saw the quality and accuracy of his work, I knew that Ron would be my medical illustrator of choice.”

Bob Pottroff of Myers Pottroff and Ball, re Haza vs Wright

“We have used Ron’s work in cases that settled for well over $5 million, $4 million and several over $1 million. I know his work enhanced the value of these cases.”

Jim Jackson of Boswell Tucker and Brewster, re Miller vs Firestone

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